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An honest seaweed conversation


BRIEF BackGround

In 2014 we held a Festival.

We did this to share our love for Maine Seaweed, showcase its uses, and create an environment where others could understand its diverse healing potential for our planet and the people on it.

We held the Festival again in 2015. Like the first, it was fun, educational, and inspiring.

Then we cancelled it.


Because we realized that our celebration had become exploitation.

The Seaweed Festival was supporting & promoting an industry that predominantly relies on harvesting a wild resource. And in Maine, there is no 3rd party oversight or regulation of this natural resource.

With this awareness, came clarity: that version of the Festival had to stop.


We focus on surfacing issues related to Maine Seaweed.

We mostly post on Instagram. At times we’ve had more to write than that medium allows, so we post on this site too. All recent posts are linked below.

consumer action steps

  1. Learn your seaweed origin.
    Where is this from?

  2. Discover how it was harvested.
    From a farm? From the wild?

  3. Educate yourself on seaweed-related issues in your area.
    Does anyone harvest in my area? Are there any sea farms here?

The idea that there are plenty of fish in the sea has never matched reality when it comes to our wild fisheries. We’re in an environmental crisis and it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute consciously.