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2014 Re-cap



We prayed for sun. We intended to inspire. We dreamed of the community gathering to enjoy eating, learning, and creating art--all in the spirit and support of Maine Macroalgae.


Our prayers were answered. Our intentions manifested. And the FIRST year of Seaweed Fest was beyond our wildest dreams!

Many times throughout the day we were stopped by people sharing their excitement about how much knowledge they were receiving and how amazed they were by the abundant and diverse ways they could incorporate seaweeds into their lives. Goal #1...check!

It was beautiful to witness our local marine community members and organizations sharing this special day together, a rare occasion of connection for most, spending time catching up on the past and sharing ideas to move us towards a prosperous and healthy future. Goal #2...check!

And the children. What would a celebration be without the curiosity and cheer of children?! It brought us so much joy to watch them wave their sea wands in the parade, become yogic sea creatures, and create unique pieces of seaweed art. (There were some very creative entrepreneurs and artists to keep our eyes on in the coming years!) Goal #3...check, check, check!

It was all truly amazing. And exhausting.

Whether you volunteered, visited, or sent good vibes, the Maine Seaweed Festival would not have been the success it was without you and we sincerely thank you for your support!

Many times along the way we said, “If we knew what it took to throw a festival we might not have done it.” And now we can say, “Now that we know what it takes to throw a festival, let’s do it again...but better.” No lie, it was A LOT of work, sweat, and tears (thankfully no blood was shed), but the results proved our theory to be correct. There is a thirst for local marine knowledge and the time is now to quench the people’s palates and quell any misperceptions about Maine Macroalgae and Aquaculture. We need to continue this event so questions can be answered, friends can be found, and our fisheries can not only be supported, but strengthened by the local community of creative minds.

Remember to include seaweed in your favorite holiday dishes and share your pics with us on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook! Use  #seaweedfest #seafoodsaturday #seaweedcelebration and our favorite new tradition…#seafoodeve (to be celebrated the night before any big holiday) to show us your Macro Moments! Please tag @seaweedfest to keep us in the loop.

Yours in Maine Macroalgae,

The Seaweed Fest Crew